The Skillful Artisan is a training concept developed by Butterfly Works. Butterfly Works is a social innovation studio that creates education and communication projects in emerging economies. Building on 15 years of experience, we apply tools and methods from the creative sector to social issues worldwide.

By connecting to talented people across the world, we co-create tailor-made solutions – never copy-paste and always human-centred. From working all over the world, we see that bright, creative and motivated people are everywhere. We know how to find them and ensure they are at the heart of the design process. By co-creating together with users, every solution is based on shared values and user needs. It means that no project is copy-paste, but always tailor-made and human-centred.

Are you interested to work with the Skillful Artisan programme in your organisation, do you want the have a look at the full Skillful Artisan curriculum, more information on the project or become part of our chain of change, please  contact our Butterfly Works team in the Netherlands and Asia.

Lotje – Butterfly Works in the Netherlands
T +31204711780
Skype: lotje.paauwe

Madiha – Butterfly Works in Asia
T + 923002040756
Skype: madihak26

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