After a successful pilot in Pakistan we are now ready to develop other trainings based on the existing curriculum and contextualized to the specific needs in the region. In different countries we work with different local and international partners to realize the training and increase social impact. Coordinated by our Asian programme coordinator Madiha Kazi, ​Butterfly Works can facilitate all the different part of the implementation of the curriculum all over the world. Want to get involved?

Are you an NGO who wants to empower craft workers ​and improve their position in the market?

Through understanding the specific obstacles artisans face, we can together develop a highly effective tailor-made training.

Are you a Company who takes its corporate social responsibilities seriously​?

Through the Skillful Artisan training you can support artisans in improving their working and living conditions.

Are you a Community Based Organization who sees a need for craft workers to develop their skills​?

Together we can create a training, completely tailor-made to the specific challenges and opportunities in your community.

Are you a Small Factory or Production Facility who wants to improve the productivity and working conditions ​for craft workers at the factory or in the community?

A tailor-made training might be the way for you to offer additional training that benefit both you and your employees.

Are you a Brand or a Designer ​who wants to work with skilled artisans?

We can connect you to skilled craft workers and develop additional training to meet your specific demands and needs.

Are you Passionate about craft and design ​and you want to work with crafts workers?

We can work together and connect you to skilled artisans and provide additional training if needed, ensure the success of the collaboration.

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